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Digital photography comes with numerous benefits over film photography. However, one of the marked differences is the outcome of the photo. With film photography, photographers had only one option to get their photos looking their best; processing lab. With digital photography, you have a unique array of tools to edit (tweak and finesse) your photos in the comfort of your home to attain photo perfection. That’s why editing has become a significant part of modern day photography even for free photography to build websites. In this segment, we’re going to look at 4 free photo editing tips to make your stock photos look their best:

  • Taking free stock photos in raw is the first step for any photographer

Snapping your free photos in raw has two main advantages; you get top-quality photos, and it offers you the best platform to begin your editing process without impacting the image quality. This gives you a suitable environment to save your photos in an appropriate format, for instance, for web upload or high Pixel Per Inch (PPI) for effective printing.

  • Checking out white balance is essential in taking scintillating free stock photos

A smart photographer makes a point to check overall white balance before shooting any photo. Some photographers stick to the auto-white balance feature, which is fine. But, their final photos tend to have a little bit of yellow tone or cold color palette. A good place to start in order to guarantee an excellent color tone is to edit your white background.

  • Your lighting must be perfect to attain free stock photo perfection

In the course of taking your photos, you’ll discover that lighting changes a little bit. On top of editing your white background, ensure to perfect your lighting. Digital cameras have features to help you there. Also, don’t over edit because you may lose the overall effect. Some photographers don’t even use filters. They just initiate small tweaks and edit the white balance and still get top quality photos.

  • The right storage for web export is necessary for free stock photos

Always save your photos depending on their purpose. For instance, if you want to use your photos to print extremely high-quality posters, your PPP must be super high to make sure the resolution is not impacted once the photo is blown up. If you intend to use your free photos for blogs, websites and other online platforms, ensure to balance out your photo resolution and photo quality with the file size. If you don’t do that, your websites load time will be significantly impacted.

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