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With competition in the photography landscape increasing every day, photographers are using every available process and tool to achieve photo perfection. To achieve photo perfection for your free stock photos, you should view photography as a two-stage process. The first stage involves the actual shooting of the photos, where your creativity in terms of digital camera settings will play a significant role in the quality of the pictures. The second stage is the manipulations you apply to the photos after the photo shoot using photo editing software. This underscores the importance of choosing the right free or paid photo editing software to realize picture perfection. This article explores the tips for selecting the right free photo editing software for your free photos:

Free stock photo editing software should have the plain basic features

A free photo editing software should have basic features such as color, lighting, sharpness, enhance, orientation, crop, whiten, focus, effects, draw, text, red eye, blemish, splash, blur, stickers, frames, overlays, and meme. The free photo editing software should also include tips, tutorials, and comprehensible suggestions. It must also be flexible and useful.

Free stock photo editor should have the capability to support third-party plug-ins

A wide variety of plug-ins exists today. The prominent ones offer image upscaling, digital filter effects and noise reduction capabilities, all of which are integrated into the photo editing software. Plug-ins are advantageous because they help you give your photo a unique look and feel within a shorter timescale, hence saving you extra hours you could have wasted editing your photos.

A good free stock photo editing software should enable you to catalog your photos

Cataloguing your photos lets you access and organize your photos within the photo editor. It alleviates the inconvenience of having to scavenge various folders in your hard drive or open up other applications. This makes your editing process easy and fast.

Your free stock photo editor monitor should be properly calibrated

If you want to take your editing process to the next level, you have to ensure that your monitor is properly calibrated. If you monitor isn’t calibrated, then the color presentation on the screen will not reflect on print. A typical example of calibration tool is the Datacolor Spider 5, which is available for download at $130. This tool guarantees that what you see on the screen is replicated on print.

There are many more features you can get in a free photo editing software. If you can find the features mentioned above among others in a photo editor, then that is a good photo editing software for your free stock photos.

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