The 5 Golden tips you must consider when you want to buy a domain name for your business in Australia

Having a website is now a crucial part of any business since most customers go straight online whenever they are interested in a product or a when they want to learn more about a business. So, if you want to keep up with the times, as well as with the competition in Australia, then building a website is key. The most important part of any website, apart from the design, is of course the domain name, but before you go and buy a domain name there are a few tips that we can give you in order to make the process easier for you, so make sure you keep on reading to find out more.

Always try to go for a .com domain name

If there is one rule that you should follow when it comes to choosing a domain, then it is probably that you should always try and go for a .com domain instead of any other kind. The reason for this is very simple and that is that people simply tend to trust these kinds of website names a lot more than websites that end with .net or similar. You want your potential customers to trust your website enough in order to engage with your business, so this is a rule that you should try to follow. The .com domains do tend to be a bit more expensive, but we have to say that they are totally worth it. And if you find that your desired .com domain is taken, then we recommend you track down the person that owns it and try to purchase it from them, but be prepared for a pretty high price, which again we believe it is worth is.

Keep the name short and sweet

The domain name is one of the key elements of every website, as we already mentioned before, and before you purchase a domain name you need to make sure that you choose a name that is short, simple and most importantly easy for people to remember. When you are coming up with the name, we always suggest you avoid using names that are too long or too complicated. Really complicated names that are difficult to spell are also really easy to miss-spell and that makes it difficult for people to actually get on your website. Another thing that experts suggest avoiding are signs and numbers. When it comes to signs and numbers the problem is that a lot of the time people can confuse their positions and that can also make it very difficult for them to spell. You should also try to keep the name as short as possible, simple and easy to remember and spell, and you will have a winning combination for your website in Australia. Read more on how to use business tools as domain name generator to become a leading ecommerce company.

Get your hands on any miss spellings on your name

If there is no way for you to come up with a name that is kind of tough to spell because of the name of your business, then what you can do is purchase all of the domain names that are the closest miss spells to your actual domain name. This is something that may cost you a bit more money, however we have to say that it is absolutely worth it. All you will have to once you have all of the other names is to connect them to your website so that when someone enters one of those sites they will immediately be redirected to the right page. This is a great way for you to get new customers and more importantly it is a great way for you to not lose customers simply because they may have accidentally miss spelled your domain name.

Use a good domain name generator

When you are buying a domain name something that will really help make your life easier is using a domain name generator. These are incredibly simple tools that usually don’t cost you a lot, but that will also give you good results really quickly. All you will have to do input some of the keywords that you want to be used in your domain name and the generator will do everything else. With most generators, like Shopify, you will be able to choose between hundreds of different options. And a lot of the time, even if you don’t come up with an option that is the right one for you, you can also use these generators in order to get some inspiration. Make sure to take a good look at all of the offered names, even the ones that don’t feel quite right, since you may find that small modifications here and there can help you find the right name.

Make sure the name you have in mind is actually available

Now, this may seem like a pretty self explanatory thing, we have to say that a lot of people actually don’t think about this. If you think of a new name and if you really want to go ahead and register it, then we suggest that you go ahead and Google the name before you do that. Buying a domain name can be quite a challenge and the last thing you want to deal with is a trade mark infringement. So, simply go to Google, search the name and see whether someone else is already using it or something really similar to it. Even though we know that no one will copy someone else’s name on purpose, we also know that if you can prevent it, why not do it before you spend all of that money on the registration?

Getting the best domain name possible can be a tough job, so getting a few tips is a good way for you to focus on the task and deal with it much more easily. We hope that you liked reading this article, that you like the tips and that you will utilize them when you are on the hunt for your own domain name for your website in Australia. For more information on domain names, click here.

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